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Alys West




Education, Health, Community Development

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Since 2006
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serving in Ukraine with joy

Alys is originally from Syracuse, NY and grew up in a Christian home where missionaries were welcome.  She was drawn to mission conferences in her youth and it was after her first short-term project in Ukraine, the summer of 2005, that it became clear the Lord was calling her to full-time missions.  Her love for children was what drove her to serve and in the spring of 2006 she joined NMSI.  Following two months that same fall, under the care of a local church in Ukraine, she learned of the needs of many disabled children.

One orphanage in the town of Tsyurupinks, outside the city of Kherson, Ukraine, is the home to about 160 mentally and/or physically disabled children.  This home is the focus of Alys’ ministry which began full-time in July of 2008.  Showering the children with love and teaching basic skills encourages these kids who are in many ways the outcasts of a post-socialist society.  But these little ones are precious in God’s sight.  Alys reaches out to the orphanage staff as well, sharing her time with them, that they too may claim the love of God for themselves.

As the local body of Christ grows in Kherson, Alys hopes to continue to provide opportunities for believers to serve these children in their community.

Family Home for Young Disabled Adults in Ukraine
In cooperation with Heart for Orphans
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“As the Lord taught us to love the least of these, He led me to them and they are so desperate for love, in whatever manner it is expressed.  The children are treasures waiting to be discovered and the joy on their faces expresses the treasure within as it unfolds.”